Wednesday, December 19, 2012

40 Days- Day 28

I consider it a wonderful thing- the fact that I was up til 130 a.m. last night assembling 'thank you's ' for our Teachers and Therapists.  It means we don't just have 1 or 2 people that look out for our babies, take care of them at school, teach them, guide them, help them be the very best, best, them... it means we have a LOT of amazing people in our lives! a TON of fantastic adults who are helping the husband and I create a community that knows, understands, and LOVES our children.  Helping our children flourish.  

It's hard to read- it says "Thanks a LATTE for all you've done for our Children! Wishing you peace, joy, and good health in 2013!  "   and that's my Pinterest win for the year :-)  ... well, that and the delicious goodies that are fail proof.  

Reusable snack bags from madasplace

some received their favorite lotion...

some... their favorite wrestler :-)

thumb WRESTLERS!!!

sweet baby had a chocolate mustache that he wouldn't share

precious son was zonked!!

gorgeous girl took her computer and star stacker to bed.  and GUESS WHAT???? She SANG tonight!!! love a million times!!!

That's right, baby!!! Put it in BIG BOLD LETTERS :-)

Yesterday was butts and guts- 1. Sweat time 52 minutes
2. Calories burned- 428

TODAY was running... you know how I feel about running. But I totally rocked it tonight!  
1. Sweat time- 35 minutes running- Mile 1, 3 min rest, Mile 2, 3 min rest, then SPRINTS!!! oy.  ok. so my sprint may be your normal jog but by GOSH I was zipping along that track!! 1 lap sprint 1 lap walk
THEN (I know, right?? stud. out.) I lifted biceps/triceps and shoulders/back for 20 min.  
Total of 55 min
2. Calories burned- 501 in 41 minutes, then an additional 120 in the last 14.  pretty stinking good.  

When i tell you I'm fired up about Pantone announcing the Color of 2013... you believe me, yeah??  Emerald green is pretty much a big deal around here- it's the color that we use for quite a lot of our Fragile X merchandise and awareness.  I have green shirts, belts, shoes, dresses, jackets, undies :-) you get what I'm saying... and I always, always use a compliment or comment as an opportunity to educate and spread awareness!!! This gives me a good feeling about 2013- for real :-)

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  1. Glad the color of the year is so special to you and your family. It rocks when fashion and a cause can blend together to raise awareness while making you look good.