Wednesday, December 26, 2012

40 Days- Day 35- burpees.... ug

I'm sufficiently stuffed.  really, really, really.  BUT... I'm not full.  
Why, exactly, is that?!? Have I stretched my belly to the point that if it's not OVER full, I still think I need to eat?? Is my body chemistry so out of whack from faux sugars (I'm looking at you, COKE ZERO!!)  that I no longer know what full feels like??? who knows.  I imagine it might be helpful to talk to someone and find out.... 
or Good Search (searching for a cause!! raising money for FRAXA this year! ) around enough until I have some sort of compilation of facts that point me in the right direction.  

loving my National Fragile X Foundation hat- keeps my ears TOASTY warm :-) 

speaking of hats... LOOK!!! Big kid is WEARING HIS HOOD!!! this is momentous... for real! ok, ok, it only lasted about 1 minute, but it was COLD out there!!! and do you know how frustrating it is to have a kid who will NOT wear a hood or hat??? even when you're sure his ears must be pure ice and about to fall clean off??? oy.  baby steps.  and I love the mohawk hats.  really, really love them :-)

speaking of baby steps- we have great friends here in our little town.  This was a kids Christmas party- the cookie decorating portion... and my boys are sharing a chair without ANY ONE WHINING!!! or pushing, shoving, pinching!!! 

LOVING this bright blue shirt from Gap--- and it's ON SALE!!! plus an additional 30% off TODAY!!

wild and crazy trendy nails... whoa.  

another great/blurry bathroom shot- This ballet neck sweater from Loft is perfect over my super soft Canvas denim shirt (sold out).  

yeah, yeah- all happy about 'em tonight!
1.  sweat time - 58 minutes!! Fitness Blender came through for me again!! I completed the Kettlebell Cardio workout and the Lean and Strong Total Body workout tonight- and my muscles are shaking! 

2.  Calories burned- 508- and this includes all warm ups/cool downs, finding the workouts online... pretty good!! Does NOT equal my excess intake in the form of Christmas cookies but, you know-->

right.  that's right.  

sorry, sorry, sorry about your eyes- but in the spirit of full disclosure... I don't look pretty while exercising. I look sweaty and pink and AMAZING.  even when I'm squishing my flab in  these unflattering contortions.  I feel most beautiful in motion.  

I love that fitness blender does not require you to have much fancy equipment- this is what I used tonight- all purchased at my local Walmart- 10 lb kettle bell and 5lb each dumb bell. 

see you tomorrow bloggity folks!! 

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