Monday, December 3, 2012

40 Days- Day 12

You know you have a mug with your name on it... um-hmmmmm. 

ZUMBA!  technically I should wait one more week, but my body needs to move- and I wore my compression hose, hoes!!! all good, yes?  yes.

Stats for Today
1. Sweat Time- 58 minutes
2. Calories Burned - 538!!

3. Money Spent- I'm writing this NOW so I can put $0... knowing full well I'm headed on over to to take advantage of the 40% off sale.

And just a reminder-

I exercise for the endorphins and peace it gives my brain.  I exercise because it helps me cope and helps me focus.  I exercise because it makes me Feel Better- and I think you should too... but don't forget, it's your Soul, not your thighs, that makes you amazing. 

Big boy crashed- Baby Girl needed to talk to her Daddy  right now  :-)

melts my heart. 

whoserwhatser still anti-photo.... but sweet in his polar bear jams! 

Here's one from Abe's field trip to Curtis Orchard this fall- We had so much fun!

Here are my boys, riding on the Football Float with the Daddy Man for the homecoming parade :-)  

Alright, peeps.  See you tomorrow. Butts and Guts and outfit on the agenda!

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