Tuesday, December 11, 2012

40 Days- Day 20

half way.  sore, tired legs tonight.  no exercise, much house cleaning.  The husband's birthday :-) 

One of my favorite pictures of the two of us- EVER.  Lacey does an amazing job.  This one's from October, 2012.

love a million, gazillion times- from Valdes Photography 5/4/02

Clearly, one of us is intelligent... no comments, please and thank you!

Wait, where do I look?? 

Enjoying a fantastic date night at my cousin's wedding this spring.  

He's the best daddy in the whole wide world.  Don't the kids look THRILLED here?!?! oy.

stressed- therefore-shopping. shopping-as-a-sedative.  
shoes, dresses, vacuums, gifts, shelving, yada yada yada.  

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