Tuesday, December 4, 2012

40 Days- Day 13.

When I tell you I did NOT get to Butts and Guts- you're not going to be surprised, right?

When I tell you that real life is rarely what you plan it to be, you're gonna say 'uh huh... we already KNEW that'.

When I tell you my babies come before my exercise you'll say 'take care of the heart in order to take care of the body... momma is the heart, the family is the body'... and I'll say "yes, yes, I know"....

Which is why I TOTALLY ROCKED IT tonight :-) :-)

Give it to me baby- uh huh, uh huh! 

and a truly *fantastic* one from last night after Zumba.... I mean, for real :-)  

1. Sweat Time 42 minutes
2. Calories- 318
3. Money spent- NADA!!!! Zip, Zero Zilch!! 

Fitness Blender was my buddy- I did the Cardio Kickboxing workout for 20 minutes ( pain at my surgical site persuaded me to switch it up) , 9 minutes of the 17 minutes At Home Cardio High Intensity Interval Total Body workout, and the 10 minute Ab Workout.  The Cardio Kickboxing had an 8 minute warm up, so by my calculations I did about 21 minutes of high intensity cardio, 18 minutes low intensity/abs, and 3 minutes for switching gears- so 318 calories over 21 minutes  is GOOD!!! 

Even Better?  The fact that I did NOT let life in all it's wild and crazy  keep me from exercising.  

sweet baby- cuddled all up after watching Signing Time ! She's a machine- I have to constantly work to keep up with her signing vocabulary!  

Do you see this sweet ear? We call his ears his' external temperature gauges'.  When he is almost done, experiencing anxiety or hyper-arousal (2 very common characteristics of Fragile X), his ears get BRIGHT RED!!! we were laughing and playing then all of a sudden it was TOO MUCH and we needed tubby and cuddles and popcorn and sleep.  

Did you know that low muscle tone and weak connective tissue are also hallmark symptoms of Fragile X?  You know what this means? It means my big kids falls down a lot- trips, bumps, drops things <--even things he LOVES and doesn't mean to drop, as well as the 546,897 items he drops purposefully every day.  You know what else?  my big kid gets back up.  every. time.  He, and many other individuals with Fragile X, have an unbelievably high pain tolerance.  He has bumps and bruises and scratches and I have NO IDEA where he got them.... I thank God for this pain tolerance, I HATE those bruises.  He has calluses under his second toe on each foot- he walks and paces and twirls and gives me a little fast feet jig between full body rocking when something really fires him up.  His sweet body, his sweet determination, his sweet self-  He has taught us all to try, and try again.  To stand up.  Stand Up.  STAND UP when you get knocked down.  STAND UP and go again.  STAND UP and smile and move on.  

You know how sometimes you worry that you aren't teaching your children all the things you really, really, want them to learn?  Today I'm praying I don't miss the lessons they are teaching me.  


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  1. love these posts, amy! i'm not so awesome at commenting very often bc i read them in a reader on the fly - but i LOVE them! :) your sweet kiddos and your posts about how real life happens are great.