Thursday, December 20, 2012

40 Days- Day 29

WOW!!! almost 3/4 of the way done with this challenge!!! that's all the math I'm doing for the rest of the DAY! holy Moses... it was a busy day....

I don't think you realize how much you do until your training someone else to do your job.  My Abraham's awesome aide at school, Katrina, has substitute plans that are over 6 pages long... for one child, one day.

I've written a rather extensive guide for the administrative portion of my almost old job... it makes this change seem much more real, and is really, really teaching me about letting go.  These issues will no longer be mine to fret and worry over, so don't fret and worry now.  let go.  How this person reacts?  no longer my concern.  let go.  billing... ok, I let go of that rather quickly!!

I hope not... I really suck at monkey bars.  

i am :-)  and each day it gets a little easier.  

The other, more welcome, reminder of the upcoming change is this SNOWMAGGEDON that we are in the midst of, aka DRACO... soon enough I won't have to worry about the 90 mile drive on country roads :-)

  Tonight we just drove all over town. you know, "it's awful outside!! Let's go to the replex! Let's hit the store!"
oy these kids- Abe is sort of smiling... Bo.... oy.  The husband asked him very politely to uncover his face.  and yes, I am wearing a down blanket... a shiny down blanket that's been engineered into coat form.  I love it!  Land's End is my favorite coats on clearance place.  ever.  Do you see our hats??? rocking a little Fragile X love and awareness raising throughout the winter.  

delicious home made meatballs for supper tomorrow.  chock full of secret veggies.  

delicious salted caramel pretzel bark... cooling in the freezer.  - check my Pinterest food board for full recipes! 

1. sweat time- 35 minutes-  20  on the stair climber.  killer.  sore legs.  for real.
2. Calories burned- 385.  280 in 23 minutes on the stair climber.  the rest playing some serious dodgeball/basketball/bouncy ball at the replex. awesomesauce.  

that's it.  must sleep.  still driving.  tomorrow- dinner and cake and get together fun.  

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