Monday, December 10, 2012

40 Days- Day 18- *oooops*

So I thought I had posted this last night.... and when I opened my computer today, here it was!!! 
I'll post again tonight but wanted to get this up for all of my readers  my reader :-)  

THIS---- oh, this!!! 

I finished all the books that I had in my 'to read' pile and finally allowed myself to open up my Kindle Paperwhite... and I'm hooked.

as you can see, I've read nothing but ridiculous romance novels   HIGH QUALITY fiction thus far.  

In fact, The Husband is so impressed with this that he has decided he'd like one for his birthday- which is December 11th.... and so he shall have one!! Whoop!!! I mean, i'm ridiculously excited about this thing- the time I read comes after my babies have hit the hay- from 8:30 pm on... and now I don't have to worry about not having a book because I can ALWAYS upload one.  I splurged on the 3g for life for a few reasons- 1. We travel in the boondocks quite often- many places have no computers, much less wifi.  I wanted to be able to buy a book whenever i wanted :-)  clearly, i have no appreciation for delayed gratification.  none.  truly.  

Any who.
1. Sweat time- 33 minutes
2.  Calories burned- 329- Not BAD!!! It was a fitness blender night- total body workout and Kettle bell!!

I have another vein procedure tomorrow and I'm really bummed about it- because, you know, it's veins, and blood flow, and all that good stuff, I'm not supposed to do cardio and lifting for a minimum of 1 week post- walking and light workout only- oy.  I have come to rely on the sweat.  to rely on the endorphins and ease that the exercise gives me.  I will make it work.  I am not stopping.

friends.  this is what I'm focusing on.  during the season of giving... and I think I'll write more about this tomorrow as tonight it makes me sad and blue.

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