Sunday, December 16, 2012

40 days- Day 24

Busy Day- technically, as I have not been to sleep yet, it's still day 24.  

That's right, baby!! It was ugly Christmas Sweater Party Night!!

Both the husband's and my sweater came from the juniors department at Kohl's. He was going to wear the white one, I was going to wear the black one.  You can't see it in this picture... but the husband's sweater is very, very fuzzy... and cropped!!! So party or not, I don't wear cropped ANYTHING!!! I rolled the sleeves on the skull + window clings and had a great night.  His shirt is hand glued with a crooked stump as baby girl LOVED the soft, fuzzy sweater... and I had to work rather hard not to glue her in as well. 

This was our pic from last year.  

and 2010.  


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